Monday, January 24, 2011

Critical Gamer

I have a question for you, reader:

Have you ever been to Critical Gamer? Well? Have you?

I discovered this delightful gaming site a while back and highly appreciated their unique articles, regularly updated content, and spiffy style. So luckily for me, I've had the good fortune of writing for them, and my first article is over there now! My topic of choice was something that I find very important in the land of video games; namely, role-playing and its role (pun!) in RPGs. So head over there, drop a comment, take a look around, and keep checking back for more good stuff by the fine staff of Critical Gamer.

Of course, I'll still be plugging away at Blue Mage Reviews as well, so expect more posts in the near future! If GameFly would hurry up and send me some games, I might have a review coming. Possibly. We'll see. Stay tuned. Goodbye.

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