Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blue Mage and Twitter

Well, that last post was somewhat of a fiasco. Apparently Blue Mage has been getting restless and felt the need to hijack the blog in order to express his worthy opinions and obtain a piece of the virtual creativity pie. That's how he put it, at any rate. Conduct of that sort-- the kind where my life is threatened and nearly ended-- is, however, unacceptable, so we came to a compromise:

Blue Mage will now handle this blog's Twitter account. In return, he will not kill me.

Is this idea dangerous? Foolish? Kind of stupid? Yes, yes, and absolutely. I can only hope that this distraction will not only benefit myself and users of Blue Mage Reviews, but also keep the Blue Mage too busy to post horrible cosplay photos of himself. If you'd like to do so, feel free to follow him here. Ideally his tweets will be pre-approved before going live, but honestly, that's probably not going to happen.

Still, there's a bright side to all this. New reviews and articles will be updated regularly, so you can stay super informed and up-to-date and all that. You can also ask questions, give feedback, and have input regarding the content of Blue Mage Reviews. Who knows what sort of fascinating details Blue Mage will leak early? I'm hoping he'll at least keep passwords and other personal data a secret, but again, that's probably not going to happen.

So yeah, I'd love for you to follow the exploits of Blue Mage Reviews! You can still follow my personal Twitter account, of course, but I won't be speaking exclusively about the blog over there. Just let me know if you hear another murderous plot concerning my well-being, and don't get into a fight over Final Fantasy XIV with Blue Mage. If that happens, your only defense will be the restrictive 140 character count, thereby crippling his scathing yet elaborate insults. Remember that, and all will be well.

Thanks for reading!

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