Thursday, October 07, 2010

GDC Online 2010!

I'm a little behind on updating Blue Mage Reviews, but I have a good reason: I'll be heading out to Austin for GDC Online! I'm amazingly excited for this event, and as it's also my first video game conference, I'm hoping I don't do something incredibly stupid and get thrown out. Although it's mainly focused on the (surprise!) online aspects of gaming, it'll still have plenty to offer for people who aren't especially literate in that area (like me). I'll only be there for the Game Career Seminar on Friday, but that's more than enough to get me hyped. Here are the lectures they'll be having:

  • Show Me, Don't Tell Me: Portfolios and Resumes in the Game Industry
  • Don't Be Stopped at the Gate
  • Making Your Own Path
  • You Studied Game Design, Now What?
  • Networking With the Pros
As somebody who's trying to find out how to break into the industry, this is going to be perfect. I'm especially looking forward to hearing from Carey Chico, a former Pandemic member who worked on games such as Mercenaries and Star Wars: Battlefront (two of my favorite games from the last generation). For more information about this seminar and more, I highly recommend heading over to the GDC Online website. If you've never been to something like this, I'm willing to bet this is a good first step. I hope so, for my sake. If you have been to something like this... tell me what to do! Either way, take a look around and consider showing up! 

Also, I finally gave in and started my very own Twitter account: @StephenKelly180. Are you proud of me? Yeah, neither am I, but I'll slowly be posting more and more as the passage of time continues to ooze along, so feel free to follow/retweet/respond/harass me. Just kidding about that last one.

That's about it for this update post. See you next time!


LordMeldorr said...

You are falling into the vast bog of social networking, I see... I must find this Twitter account posthaste and commence in following/retweeting to/responding to/harassing you.

Emblem180 said...

You do that! I'll be sure to follow/retweet/respond/harass you as well.