Monday, June 16, 2008

QuickBlog: Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

7.0 [Great]

Gameplay: 7
Graphics: 7
Music: 4
Sound: 6
Value: 7

Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Naughty Dog
Multiplayer: None
Console(s): PS2
Reviewed on: PS2
ESRB rating: E (Violence)
BMR rating: E (Fantasy Violence)

The Good Points:

Tight platforming - Good voice acting - Pleasant art design - Solid level design - Does what it does very well

The Not So Good Points:

Dull music - Does what it does very well, but not much else

The 3D platformer is, unfortunately, a dying breed. Gone are the days of Sonic Adventure, Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, and Spyro. Well, technically they're still around, but they sure aren't as good (or as numerous) as they used to be. But luckily, we can still go back and play those games, and Jak & Daxter happens to be one of them. You play as a human-ish character named Jak, accompanied by your little and excitable sidekick, Daxter the ottsel (half-weasel-half-otter, I am told). The game boasts a large, expansive overworld with no loading times and plenty of fun and cliched levels to run through. The controls are responsive and tight, with more platform-hopping than you could hope for. While the music isn't anything to write home about (unless it's a dull letter about how bored you are from listening to it), the voice acting is quite entertaining. Jack & Daxter is ultimately an enjoyable and well-made platformer, and while it doesn't venture out into unknown territory too much, it does what it does well.

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